June 26, 2023

How often do you see your self living out of pure happiness where you do because you are happy to do and you live in a way that makes you happy? Too often I find people working a work that they do only to pay bills and get by, rather than creating something fun and positive from their own creativities! We are all born to be creators in this world and to step up and take that role you need to be healthy, happy in your own life and willing to stand up even for others! I found out that the easiest way to find bliss and happiness in life if to detox. To let go of limited thinking, programmed mind, unhealthy living habits and become relaxed and happy with what you have and what you can. Uniqueness is what people like – the same old, same old get very easily old and especially if you have a talent what can brighten up peoples lives do not hesitate to go out to the world and share it!

Mine has been Health – since a child I understood how important it is to keep our bodies (and mind) in Great health. If you are not healthy – then how can you perform in this world? If the mind is untamed or not able to follow commands there will allways be pain. If the body is inflamed, overweight and acidit it is enevidable that sickness, deppression and pain will follow.

I took a life long mission to become a teacher, coach and space holder for new beginnings and better Health. This started in the age of 11 and has been my passion ever since.

This page & shop was created to provide you right tools to work with trough you transformation to a full powered happy being with a smile on her/ his face and a laughter on the chest! We are meant to live a full powered happy life with great people and great achievements

– Believe in your self and others will follow!

Take time to browse through our pages & products, learn a little along the way and share with friends/ family as well. After over 12 years of research, study and education around the world I have achieved enough knowledge to lead groups & individuals to internal Happiness and good life quality.

May these pages bring wisdom, inspiration, quidance and health to you and your family.

All profits are going towards our new yoga & wellness place opening in Kilifi /Kenya and you will soon get hand made products from Africa to shop as well.. leather shoes, house hold items and muchmuch more!

Hakuna – matata LIfe is just as Good as you wish it to be!


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