October 13, 2023

Todays Life has taken us off from living in a natural balance with our nature to a fast-moving, Push society where things are not allowed to unfold in a natural way. What faster you are then better you do…yet in my reality what more time you allow to yourself than more you grow, learn and enjoy the place when you are internally & externally. Allowing ourselves to be in peace – blocking of disturbance from outer world, we can find better peace within. So organic life is not just eating organic but unfolding to a natural schedule. waking up with the sun and quieting down with the sun. Not using artificial light all night long and keeping our bodies up when the body is normally sleeping. I have seen so many amazing lifepaths that do not include FB/ TV/ Instagram or any other disturbance from our own reality. Try how you would feel letting go of the phone, allowing life to unfold in it’s own slow paste & enjoy the beauty of slow, mindful Joyous life!.


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