3Pcs/Set of Crystal Bracelets


Healing & Balancing gemstones bring health, wealth, peace of mind and abundance to one’s life! Choose your favorite set and feel the difference they will bring to your life!

All stones are good do clean from old energies by wash them in a natural stream, ocean, lake or waterfall. Take them out to sunlight/ moonlight and burn a sage or incense stick to

For more detailed crystal knowledge please get crystal bible what I recommend from all my heart!

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  • Length: About 19/21 CM
  • Occasion: Birthday/Party/Business/Anniversary/Gift/Yoga
  • Weight: About 45 G
  • Beads size: About 8mm
  • Delivered period: Within 3 days
Product Description

Material: Natural Stone

Length: Approx 19/21cm


Beads Size: About 8mm


Quantity: 3Pcs/set


Gender: Men and Women




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