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After trying out several Juicers along my way I choose this one for a nutrient packed, healthy juice to serve friends, detox clients & my self.

BPA – free, quiet and very easy to operate this juicer is a great pick out from so many in the markets!

Get a Cup of Pure Juice with BioloMix Cold Press Juicer!

Fresh Juices offers various health benefits including, providing loads of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll when using green leaves in juices.
Weight loss, clearer skin and a boost in overall health as the body starts getting proper nutrition! Fresh juices also helps to reduce  stress in the body and mind as well as improves your overall wellbeing.

BioloMix slow masticating cold press juicers are good at processing leafy greens like mint, kale, sprouts, wheatgrass, celery, spinach and any other goods you find from your oragnic markets. The juicer processes also vegetables, roots and fruits off alkind. t

The Juicer operate at a low speed and produce less heat, that retains the essential nutrients in the fruits and vegetables.

Product Features:

【Pure Juice with High Nutrient】BioloMix slow masticating juicer can easily juice different vegetables and fruits in your daily life, such as
celery, wheatgrass, spinach, kale, citrus, and carrot. The cold press  juicer rotates at a slow speed of 80 RPM that results in minimum
oxidation, less foam, low heat and preserves 90% vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients naturally found in fresh fruits and veggies.

【Premium 304 Stainless Steel & BPA Free Material】All detachable parts of the BioloMix slow juicer are 100% BPA-free food-grade materials, which no odor and toxic substance. The juice machines feature a thicker body and high hardness spiral that gives you remarkable durability and not easy to wear or break. The 304 stainless steel filter is rust- free for long-standing use.

【Effectively Extract without Clogging】BioloMix masticating juicer extractor can effectively extract a fine mix of pulp with a scientifically designed filter of three different kinds of holes that result in great juice and drier pulp. The slow masticating juicer features a reverse function to prevent clogging and keep food moving efficiently through the  slow fruit juicer.The 150-watt motor slow electric juicer will always extract delicious, pulp-free, nutrient-dense juice with a high juice yield.

【Ease of Cleaning and Assembly】BioloMix cold press juicer is keeping user-friendliness in mind. Each separate parts of the slow juicer are dishwasher-friendly for quick cleanup. One-touch safety lock allows you to disassemble the parts in seconds and directly rinse. Specialized brushes that make cleaning easier for you.

【Quiet Motor & Automatic Safety Protection】 The motor on the cold press juicer extractor runs quietly at 60 decibels that perform
better-juicing function without disturbing your sleep baby. The slow juicer machine comes with Automatic Safety Protection that automatically stops every 20 minutes to ensure superior juicing performance and a longer lifespan.

What You Will Get

● Main base (220-240V)

● Pusher*1

● Juicer Container*1

● Pulp Container*1

● English User Manual * 1

● Cleaning Brush*1

All detachable parts are BPA FREE and can be rinsed in water and dishwasher safe.


1. Cut the food in the proper size before juicing will keep juicing process smoother.

2. Remove hard parts such as pips and large seeds to keep your juicer running well.

3. Alternate the soft and hard ingredients will make the
inside of the juicer get cleaned out, and result in a higher yield.


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