Handmade Amazonite Pendant Necklace


Amazonide pendant

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Apsolutely adorable gemstones to style up your looks at work & party!
Amazonite as a healing stone has several amazing qualities..

  • It can help with lung, chest, sinus, and throat problems, as well as calcium deficiency, tooth decay, osteoporosis, gout, and liver and heart issues.
  • Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, worry, and fear, and dispel negative energy and aggravation. Keep your pedant close to heart for best results…
  • Amazonite helps you see both sides of a problem or different points of view, and manifest universal love.
  • It protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorb microwaves, cleansing your aura from harmful frequencies.
  • It heals and opens the heart, throat, and third eye chakra, enhancing loving communication and intuition.

A perfect stone to gift your self, friend or family!

Love it from the first day and it will love you forever!

Product Introduction :

Material:Semi-precious stones
Gift candidates:wife/girlfriend/friend/sister

Perfect for DIY jewelry making and hand crafts. You can use them to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets or other hand crafts!

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Weight 20 kg

3 reviews for Handmade Amazonite Pendant Necklace

  1. admin

    Beuatiful pedant what goes well with a silver, gold or copper chain

  2. admin

    Beautiful pendant to suit everyday occasions and parties!

  3. admin

    Beautiful light weight stone for every occasion. Beautiful

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